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About The Smart Orthodontic Group

And Smart, Kokich, Quinn and Armijo Orthodontics

About The Smart Orthodontic Group
The world of orthodontics is ever evolving. At The Smart Orthodontic Group, our commitment is to stay at the forefront, both from a technology and education perspective.

That's why our four orthodontists, Dr. Chad Smart, Dr. Vincent Kokich Jr.,  Dr. Timothy Quinn and Dr. Leigh Armijo have made lifelong learning a huge priority and why we've invested so deeply in technology that enhances your results as the patient and improves the quality of your care. We offer:

  • Best-in-class 3D-imaging technology
  • Electronic records keeping for faster appointments
  • Elite provider status using the Invisalign® System
  • Damon brackets for optimal results with braces

For our patients, this means enhanced comfort, improved aesthetics during and after treatment, more efficient treatment, and fewer trips to our office. And while you're here, our whole team is committed to giving you world-class results and an unmatched patient experience.

Our Offices

At The Smart Orthodontic Group, offer four locations to serve a wide swath of Pierce, Kitsap County and the North & South Puget Sound.

      Our Policies

      When you schedule an appointment at The Smart Orthodontic Group, we ask that you keep in mind that it has been set aside specifically for you. If you need to cancel, for whatever reason, we request that you give us 24-hours of notice. We know you can't always foresee complications that will crop up in your schedule, but we ask that you make a good faith effort to honor this policy for the benefit of all of our patients and our entire team.

      Getting the most out of your insurance benefits is an important way to get the best orthodontic care at a very competitive value. We're here to help you with that.

      Insurance coverage varies quite a bit from policy to policy. Because of this, we are only able to estimate your coverage to the best of our ability. This unfortunately precludes guaranteeing insurance coverage for treatment. Your estimated portion as a patient must be paid at the time service is performed on your behalf.

      We know that insurance companies can be challenging to work with, so we will bill them on your behalf as a service to you, but it is up you to work with your provider to understand what your policy does and does not cover. Our friendly and helpful financial team is available to answer questions and support however they can.