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Stories & Testimonials

Positive patient feedback, undeniable hope

Man shaking orthodontists hand
Orthodontics is an investment. So naturally, you’re curious about our patients’ experiences and the quality of our work. Go ahead. Take a peek.

We’ve included a range of cases here from our actual patients. Hopefully you’ll see someone with a “before” like your current smile. The after photo could be your “preview of coming attractions.” 

Feel unqualified to judge the quality of our work without a dental degree? It should encourage you to know that our doctors have achieved peer recognition of their clinical outcomes through prestigious organizations like the Angle Society and the American Board of Orthodontics

What are our patients saying?
High-quality orthodontics often has an impact that goes well beyond shaping smiles and facial structure. Often, it can be nothing short of life changing.

Here are just a handful testimonials from our grateful patients.

"I absolutely love Dr. Smart and his staff. Always attentive and willing to address all of my millions of questions. I highly recommend this office and I have friends that have seen the other doctors and rave about them. I just got my braces off yesterday and am thrilled with the outcome. THANK YOU!"A. Figuracion

"Always friendly, patient, and kind. We've not yet begun the braces journey w/ our daughter, but we have had evaluations done for the past 3 years. They have never been late for appointments, which is a huge deal in my book!"H. Anderson

"I have never had better care or service at ANY other establishment and/or care facility. If I could give higher markings than excellent I would." - A. Godby

      “Dr. Kokich did my braces almost 10 years ago. Anytime I go for a cleaning or checkup with other dentists they always ask who I had for my orthodontal work because they are so impressed with the outcome! My teeth are perfect, all thanks to his work. .”- S. Maslova

          "I have referred my mother, my two nephews and now myself. I think you have a great thing going on. It's fun to come in! What more could a dentist of any kind want or wish for. Way to go !!! Thank you."  - N. Mayer

              "The whole team is so professional, caring, and thorough. Dr. Quinn and Kylie are super special and we love them. My daughter can't wait to remove her Herbst appliance next month. The result has been great." - M. Afrassiabi

                  "Best ortho office ever! The ortho team and orthodontic skill unparalleled and Tim Quinn is about the nicest guy I've ever met! - S. Studerus

                      "Fabulous office team, technicians, and a great environment...Dr. Vince Kokich is a very skilled orthodontist, as was his father, Dr. Kokich Sr...I was always treated extremely well. Good job you guys!!! - P. Nelson

                          "The staff at Smart, Kokich and Quinn are exceptional dealing with children. My daughter loves to go get her braces check-up." - T. Ramos